Are you looking for a landscaping and hardscaping company that is reliable, affordable, and professional? Look no further than Edgewood Best Landscaping and hardscaping Company- The Detail Guys MD. They offer first-class service to all of our clients at prices they can afford.

Edgewood Landscaping Company

The Detail Guys is the best Edgewood landscaping company and hardscaping company in the Maryland area.

The Detail Guys can design and build your dream landscaping project from start to finish including designing your new garden or landscape. Landscaping is very beneficial as it not only increase the worth of your property but also enhance the beauty of your home. Apart from landscaping and hardscaping, they offer snow removal services in winter to keep your property clean and clear for you!

Do you want to make your front or backyard look more appealing? Then contact The Detail Guys for landscaping. They will help with the installation of new plants, flowers and trees; also they can set up water fountains, ponds etc. according to your liking! This is not all- if you are looking forward to revamp your garden then let them know about it as well because their team has expertise in using artificial grasses too! Landscapers must be experienced enough to ensure that the hard work done by them lasts long so do check out some portfolios before hiring one.

They at The Detail Guys want to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their service- whether they need a new garden or landscape design; they will provide them with all their needs within an affordable range.

Edgewood Landscaping

Edgewood Hardscaping

Hardscaping is like landscaping but is related to concrete, stone, wood, and even metals. This type of landscaping can be used for patios, walkways or driveways etc.

If you want some unique hardscaping designs then let The Detail Guys help out. You can transform your patio with the help of hardscaping and make it look like something out of a magazine.


Mulching is a technique that is used to cover the ground. It not only helps in retaining moisture but also gets rid of weeds and keeps pests away from your garden area.

If you want some mulch for your garden then they can help out with that as well, just let them know what type of material you will need it made off and they will take care of everything else.

Mulching can be expensive if you let a landscaping company do it for you, but The Detail Guys can provide this service at such an affordable price that is almost impossible to find in the market these days.

Every once and awhile we all need some help with our yards or maybe even new hardscapes installed like walkways or driveways etc., so why not call up one of Maryland’s best landscaping companies?

Landscaping Designs

You can look up to the latest landscaping designs from their website and even check out pictures of their most recent projects.

You can’t go wrong with calling up the Detail Guys for your landscaping needs!


The Detail Guys MD is providing the best landscaping services in Edgewood MD. If you want to transform your yard or your hardscapes then check them out! They will help you out in choosing the best design for your needs and they have a great online gallery of their work! They are the best landscaping company in Edgewood MD.

If you need help with your yard or maybe even new hardscapes installed like walkways or driveways etc., then why not call up one of Maryland’s best landscapers?